Macklemore - The Town | Live at The Wild Buffalo | Bellingham, WA

by WhidbeyLocal 00:05:21
Macklemore "The Town" Live @ The Wild Buffalo | Bellingham, WA presented by Buildstrong. A truly inspiring performance by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis during the VS ep release party. The VS. EP is available for free download with a suggested donation at Macklemore Blog: Now when I say 2-0, you say Nah, you know the rest This is our scene our music, our movement, the history lives through us I write to the beat and let life play the guitar strings Despite the drama, there's respect and comaraderie Everytime one of my friends is mentioned in my philosophy Its a right of passage, I'm not trying to be corny I got a love for the sportin' life, Alpha P, Massline, and Onry Everytime somebody steps out onto the road They bring a little northwest soul with em, amen Alright then, just so you know I try to carry that everytime I rock a show so turn my sound up richochet off our mountain Its good medicine that Cheif Sealth would be proud of sends our city, town pride, heart, blood, sweat, tears, I-5, North, South side, vibe, live, ride down those city blocks and everywhere we stop
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