60 Second Wow - Bellingham Fireworks Display - Drone - DJI's Phantom 2 Vision+

by WhidbeyLocal 00:01:30
Paul Akers shares the video he took of the Bellingham, WA Fireworks display, using his DJI's Phantom 2 Vision+ to capture them from the air. Happy Birthday America! For more information on the Phantom 2 Vision+ visit their website. http://www.dji.com/product/phantom-2-vision If you like this video, give it a thumbs up subscribe to our channel. Paul Akers, of The American Innovator broadcast, travels the world and talks about ideas, lean principles & lean manufacturing. For more information on The American Innovator, visit our website. http://theamericaninnovator.com/ or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/theamericaninnovator For more information on lean, go to 2 Second Lean. http://www.2secondlean.com/ or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/2secondlean For more information on FastCap, visit our website. http://www.fastcap.com/ or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FastCap.LLC To sign up to receive news regarding The American Innovator show, go to this link: http://fastcap.us1.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=4b6cd3052005adbfe263c045e&id=8c1f8244f9
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