Thriving Communities II (Local Economy): Bellingham

by WhidbeyLocal 00:07:53
Members of the community of Bellingham, WA, share the meaning of thriving community from multiple viewpoints, each of them infused with the same spirit: that relationships build community, the "art" of the triple bottom line grows business while also doing good, and social capital as a currency carries enormous potential to change the culture of a community for the better. <br /> <br /> PRODUCTION CREW<br /> Aimie Vallat<br /> Producer/Filmmaker<br /><br /> Chris Korrow<br /> Filmmaker<br /><br /> Jerry Millhon<br /> Executive Director & Video Interviewer <br /> Whidbey Institute<br /><br /> <br /> ADDITIONAL IMAGERY <br /> ~~~<br /> <br /> INTERVIEWEES<br /> Chuck Robinson, Owner <br /> Village Books <br /><br /> <br /> Derek Long, Executive Director<br /> Sustainable Connections <br /><br /> <br /> Mauri Ingram, President & CEO <br /> Whatcom Community Foundation <br />
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